Early Childhood PPK to Kinder

Our full-day program incorporates a theme-based curriculum, integrating foundational literacy and math concepts and skills within small and whole-group lessons. Students apply these concepts within hands-on centers or while working within differential groups guided by the teacher. The educational activities inspire children’s imagination and creativity while they explore and discover new topics and solidify their understanding of fundamental concepts. While working individually or in small groups, our students also learn to interact appropriately socially, develop friendships, and follow established routines.

Building on young children’s ability to acquire language, our PPK & PK classes are highlighted by our signature dual language program before moving toward English as the primary language of instruction in most academic classes beginning in Kindergarten. Within this program design, students are immersed exclusively in English or Spanish daily to build towards true mastery of both languages as TASIS students.

Grades 1 to 5

Our goal is to provide a strong educational foundation while fostering a love of learning. E.D. Hirsch’s Core Knowledge Curriculum guides our Language Arts, Science and Social Studies topics with supplemental units of study focused on Puerto Rico’s history and culture.

For English & Spanish Language Arts, teachers use the Making Meaning program, which covers targeted comprehension skills by grade level and promotes students' growth as readers in both languages. Most importantly, we implement the Lucy Calkin’s Writer's Workshop approach which provides grade-level guidelines for 3 main genres of writing: Narrative, Informational, and Opinion. Like all TASIS Schools, TASIS Dorado implements the Singapore Math approach, through HMH Math in Focus curriculum, which helps students learn the language of math in a way that is hands-on as they explore concepts concretely, pictorially, and abstractly.

Thematic Events

Thematic events are built into the curriculum offering students unique experiences throughout the year. Such opportunities include Week of the Young Child, Communities of the World, Field Day, Lemonade Stand, Young Authors, and more. 

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