Class of 2027 TASIS Dorado Basketball Tournament
Sponsorship Opportunities

The 8th-grade class of The TASIS School in Dorado will host the upcoming Mini & Youth Basketball Tournament on March 17-18, 2023, at Avoli Sports Complex in Toa Baja.

The Class of 2027 is sponsoring this tournament as part of our fundraising activities. Many local teams are expected to participate in this tournament. All members of the TASIS Dorado community are invited to take advantage of one of the SPONSORSHIP Packages, offering great exposure to the TD community, tournament audience, coaches, teams, and players. We encourage you or anyone you know to think about sponsoring and supporting the class. The Packages range from $250-$3000. See details below.

All sponsorships, including payment and ads, are due by Sunday, March 12, 2023.

  • For SPONSORSHIP, ADS, and ARTWORK questions, please contact Tara McCartney at
  • For PRODUCT DONATIONS information, please contact Liza Dávila at
  • For PAYMENT questions, please contact the TD Finance Office at (787) 796-0440 Ext. 262

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


The Class of 2027 and Student Board

  • Catalina Quiñones, President
  • Abby McCartney, Vice President
  • Isabelle López, Secretary
  • Margaux Weakley, Treasurer


We are counting on your support! Please consider one of the following sponsorship levels:

❑ $3,000 TITLE Sponsor Benefits 

  • 2 Horizontal Outdoor Banners (provided by the client, max size 6’ x 8’)
  • Company tent at one of the entrances (provided by client)
  • Distribution of promotional product or materials (provided by client)
  • Company Logo as TITLE Sponsor in promo posts
  • 2 Instagram Story Single posts (one per day of the tournament)
  • Digital Ad (on media truck)
  • Frequent oral mention as TITLE Sponsor in between games

❑ $1,000 GOLD Sponsor Benefits 

  • 2 Horizontal Outdoor Banners (provided by the client, max size 4’ x 6’)
  • 1 Instagram Story Post
  • Digital Ad (on media truck)
  • Recognition in the award ceremony of each category as GOLD sponsor
  • Frequent oral mention as GOLD Sponsor in between games

❑ $500 SILVER Sponsor Benefits 

  • 1 Horizontal Outdoor Banner (provided by the client, max size 4’ x 6’)
  • Digital Ad (on media truck)
  • Frequent oral mention as SILVER Sponsor in between games

❑ $250 BRONZE Sponsor Benefits 

  • Family name and/or a special message with photo listed on the digital screen of mobile truck. A great option for families wanting to support the class by honoring a student, athlete, or team! 

❑  Product Donations & Contributions

  • All contributions are welcomed and will receive special mention during the tournament. Please contact if you're interested in donating.



How to Submit Your Sponsorship 

All sponsorships, including payment and ads, are due by Sunday, March 12, 2023.

STEP 1: Determine the level of your sponsorship with benefits package (Title, Gold, Silver, or Bronze)

STEP 2: Pay for your Sponsorship using the 2027 Tournament Sponsorship Payment Form

STEP 3: Submit Your Ad Artwork using the Class of 2027 Sponsor Digital Ad Artwork Upload Form. Be sure to submit your digital ad according to specs outlined below.

Digital Ads on Media Truck (All Sponsors)

The following formats are accepted:

  • Horizontal
  • 720 x 480 pixels
  • MP4 video, JPEG, or PNG
  • Light-colored backgrounds work best

Instagram Stories (Title & Gold sponsors)

  • Recommended Instagram Story (Vertical) size is 1080 wide x 1920 high pixels, which will have an aspect ratio of 9:16. 

  • Instagram Story must be submitted complete with logo and/or brief message or advertising phrase (less than 40 characters)

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