Members of our school community share the following philosophy of education.

Critical Thinking

Throughout our curriculum, TASIS Dorado promotes the development of critical thinking. Our students utilize reason and knowledge to evaluate claims, make critical decisions and shape informed ethical judgments.

Parents as Partners

Parents are encouraged to actively participate in the TASIS Dorado educational experience. TASIS Dorado values the relationships between parents and teachers and considers it a partnership meant to enhance student learning and development.

Teachers as Mentors

As key players in the execution of TASIS Dorado’s curriculum, teachers are noted for their intellect and knowledge, passion for teaching and learning, caring demeanor, and love of children.

My time at TASIS has had the greatest impact on my life. It opened my eyes to different cultures and ways of life that I would have never been given the opportunity to explore. The staff is so caring and truly wants their students to succeed.


- Brooke Legg, TD Class of 2015

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