Purchase a Customized Brick for the TD Bear Trail in support of the Wellness & Athletics Center Capital Campaign

Establishing a Wellness & Athletics Center at TASIS Dorado has been a goal for many years. This new facility will lay the foundation for years of exciting competition and personal growth while inviting our community to embrace and maintain a healthy lifestyle focused on nutrition, physical activity, and mental health. 

The venue will feature a state-of-the-art gymnasium with A/C, a rock climbing wall, physical fitness facilities, courts for basketball, volleyball, and futsal, as well as a dedicated space for our Wellness Program. An upgrade of surrounding areas is also part of the greater plan with a revitalized soccer field with a turf surface, track & field facilities, and two new playgrounds.

Despite extreme adversity in recent years, the TD Community has remained overwhelmingly generous and committed to the future of our school. Thank you to all of our supporters.

We invite our community members to lay the foundation for the main walkway leading to our new Wellness & Athletics Center by purchasing a customized brick for the TD Bear Trail. Now, through May 16, 2022, bricks can be purchased by an individual or group (single or multiple families; a class, team, or club; a group of alumni, parents, or teachers; etc.), all in support of the Wellness & Athletics Center Capital Campaign. 

Bricks are personalized to your liking and strategically placed in the walkway to the main entrance of the Wellness & Athletics Center, cementing your place in TD history

Recognize a friend, hero, or relative; memorialize a loved one; commemorate a special occasion; promote a business; or honor a class, athletic team, club, or group of community members. 

Community members can choose from two sizes:


  • 8” x 8.”
  • 6 lines
  • 18 characters per line
  • 200 bricks available for purchase
  • $500


  • 4” x 8.”
  • 3 lines
  • 18 characters per line
  • 400 bricks available for purchase
  • $250

We are grateful for your continued support and dedication to ensuring TASIS Dorado remains a world-class school that transforms lives. Your unwavering commitment further proves we are UNSTOPPABLE Together!

For more information, contact Gildren Bengoa in the Advancement Office at (787) 796-0440 Ext. 222 or bengoa.g@tasisdorado.com

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