Parent Engagement

TASIS Dorado expects that parents will prioritize school commitments and take an active, appropriate part in the education of their child(ren). Such priorities include the scheduling of travel during breaks in the academic calendar and not missing days of class, as well as other obligations described in the Parent-Student Handbook.

In addition, at various times during the academic year, the Counseling Department and the Student Health and Wellness Program will sponsor informational presentations and seminars on various aspects of child development and positive parenting skills. Parents are expected to attend at least 3 seminars at TASIS Dorado each year as part of belonging to this institution and being partners in raising and educating children.

Parent Workshop Series

Put that Phone Away! Electronics and Our Kids by Dr. Alexandra Ramos

“Put that Phone Away! Electronics and Our Kids”
Date: Tuesday, February 12, 2019
Presenter: Dr. Alexandra Ramos
Language: English
Summary: The goal is to provide tools and guidance for parents to monitor their children’s use of electronics, as well as the supervision of content on electronic devices. Parents will learn about current available technology and tips for keeping children safe in cyberspace.
Topics :
● The use of parental controls and options available for electronic supervision
● Talking to your children about privacy and being safe online
● Cyberbullying prevention tips
● Establishing rules about cell phone and computer use
● Ways of reducing children’s electronic use

Raising Superheroes: A Leadership Workshop for Parents by Susan Raisch

“Raising Superheroes: A Leadership Workshop for Parents”
Date : Wednesday, March 6, 2019
Presenter : Susan S. Raisch
Language : English
Summary : National speaker, Susan S. Raisch empowers parents to raise confident and caring children with everyday tips backed by world renowned psychology and child development research.
● Protect Your Children’s Confidence: Bullying Prevention Basics
● Be a Superhero: Developing Go-To Trusted Adults Skills
● Raise Successful Leaders: Teaching Children How to Respect Themselves and Others
● Prepare Kids for the New Neighborhood of Technology: Safety and Nurturing Kindness Online
● Take Oxygen First: How Self Care is Essential to Mindful Parenting

I am SO Stressed! Helping Our Kids Manage Anxiety by Dr. Alexandra Ramos

“I am SO Stressed! Helping Our Kids Manage Anxiety”

Date: Wednesday, March 13, 2019
Presenter: Dr. Alexandra Ramos
Language: English

Parents and children are often stressed by the demands of everyday life. Parents can help children reduce their anxiety levels and understand the impact of anxiety on their emotional development. The conference aims to help parents identify the symptoms of anxiety; as well as implement helpful tools to manage children’s anxiety.

● Learn about anxiety, its causes, and symptoms
● Recognize different types of anxiety such as social anxiety, test anxiety, and separation anxiety
● Risk factors associated with anxiety, e.g., perfectionism, procrastination, study habits, sleep, diet, and avoidance behaviors
● Strategies for children and parents aimed at reducing anxiety in multiple situations



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