Dear Friends,

The mission of TASIS Dorado is to challenge and nurture students to pursue academic and personal excellence so that they become engaged global citizens and innovative, selfless leaders. We instill in our students the values of courage, kindness, integrity, humility and a commitment to building community.

This Annual Report offers highlights, as well as an overview of our financials and development, from 2017 to 2018.

2018 was a year of extraordinary teamwork and resilience at TASIS Dorado. In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, our school community united as never before. We joined forces to clean up and reopen the school, support our faculty and students, and serve many other communities around the island that were hit hard by the storm. We marveled at our teamwork and resilience and gave thanks for each person who sacrificed time and energy.

We are also immensely grateful for the many individuals who gave so generously to support our teachers and academic program. Notice the many names listed in the pages that follow. Two simple truths have motivated our school’s leaders, teachers, and parents: children deserve our best and even the best schools cannot stand still.

The philosopher Alfred North Whitehead wrote, “Education is impossible without a habitual vision of greatness.” Our students need a compelling vision of academic and personal excellence and a strong sense of belonging to a caring community. Our teachers and staff seek to nurture and challenge each of our young scholars, so that they become engaged global citizens and innovative, selfless leaders.

In spite of the effects of Maria, we began this current school year with our largest enrollment ever -- over 850 students. They too are the evidence of our teamwork and resilience.

You make all this possible. Your support and gifts allow us to fulfill our exceptional mission to challenge students from diverse backgrounds to the highest standards of excellence. Thank you for joining us in the crucial task of educating our children and casting a compelling vision for the future.

With gratitude,

Tim Howard, Ed.D.

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