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Posted 11/26/2018 10:01AM
TASIS Dorado Board of Directors "Meet & Greet" presented by the TPA
Posted 11/14/2018 08:32AM

Last Thursday, TASIS board members came together to invite parents into the inner workings of the school and present its vision for the future. Held by the TASIS Dorado Parent Association at the TD Library Media Center, the board explained their role and responsibilities and proudly presented future developments. A Q&A session followed this.

Mr. Fernando González, board president since TASIS Dorado was founded in 2002, introduced the event with a warm welcome message. He shared a brief history of the school and how it was established with the vision, energy, and support of Friedel Stubbe. Louis Christiansen, the founding headmaster, and Maritere Matosantos, the senior principal, joined the TASIS Dorado adventure with the common goal "to educate the future leaders of Puerto Rico."

Mr. González explained the function of the TASIS Dorado board and its governance: "Having served on the boards of TASIS Switzerland, TASIS England, and TASIS Foundation, I have a unique perspective to share. The TASIS formula for management has over 100 years of success. The main responsibilities of the board are long-term strategic planning, sustainable fiscal management, legal and compliance issues, and the appointment and evaluation of the head of school, to whom day to day management of the school is delegated along with the senior leadership team." González then introduced board members who all made a short presentation in the following areas:

  • TASIS Dorado Strategic Plan by Dr. Tim Howard, head of school
  • Finance by Mr. Michael Flaherty, chairman of the finance committee
  • Risk & Safety by Mr. Eduardo Cortés, partner of the PRISA group, which oversees campus construction, and chairman of the Risk & Safety committee
  • Campus Development by Mr. Federico Stubbe, vice president of the board and chairman of the campus development committee
  • Institutional Development by Ms. Betzaida García, who serves as chairman of the institutional advancement committee
  • Wellness by Ms. Maritere Matosantos, senior principal and board secretary, and Ms. Ceciliana Stubbe, president of The Priscilla and Federico Stubbe Foundation
  • Other board members in attendance were Louis Christiansen, who retired as the founding headmaster, and José Menéndez Cortada, honorary board director. Friedel Stubbe, President, and CEO of PRISA Group is also an honorary board director. Mr. Stubbe is a visionary who has created award-winning developments that have sensitively integrated design with the natural environment, including Sabanera Cidra, Dorado Beach Resort, and Sabanera Dorado, where he founded and constructed The TASIS Dorado School. He established the Priscilla and Federico Stubbe Foundation which financed the construction of the TASIS Dorado Campus.

    Highlights included a progress report of our current strategic plan, details of the growth and stable finances of the school, the school's newly approved status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and a capital campaign for the development of the future TASIS Dorado Wellness Athletic Center. Participants were shown brand new images of what lies ahead for this new center.

    We want to express our gratitude to the TPA for hosting this successful, informative event. For the board and parents alike, we now look forward to continuing the vision of our founders amidst a strong environment of a shared vision and collaboration.

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