The Pre-Pre-K program provides a rich and stimulating environment for learning for children who are three years old by July 31. Different from a day care center, this full-day program is set in an educational and recreational environment designed to stimulate age-appropriate individual growth. The loving and well trained staff follow a carefully paced program of educational activities to challenge youngsters' imaginations and creativity as well as invite them to explore and discover as a group and individually. The children engage in activities including playing, singing, talking, watching,   listening, interacting with others, resting and learning, all integrated into a program geared towards the development of each child's affective, social, intellectual, cultural and physical skills. The children learn how to interact socially, respect rules, follow a school routine and much more. As they listen to stories and engage in other classroom activities, they experience the very beginnings of academic learning with exposure to letter sounds and counting.

The Pre-Pre-K is housed in two spacious, well-appointed classrooms across from the main administration offices. Students are divided into two groups, each with a lead teacher and an assistant. The PPK facilities include a bathroom within the classroom and a playground that is shared with Pre-Kindergarten students.

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