Community Service

A key element of TASIS Dorado’s mission is to encourage students to transform their energies and talents into making a positive difference in the world. As such, community service is an essential piece of our students’ educational experience.

In fact, all High School students must complete 100 hours of community service (25 hours per year) as a requirement to graduate. Membership in clubs and societies may entail additional hours of service. 

Approved community service opportunities represent a wide range of activities, including planting trees for erosion mitigation, picking up garbage from beaches, rivers, or lakes, tutoring disadvantaged students from local area schools, participating in home improvements or home remodels, helping with lionfish removal in our local oceans, or rescuing and fostering cats and dogs.

Students often volunteer with established organizations, such as Hogar Ruth, Hogar Santa Teresita, Hogar Niño Campeón de Jesús, Bill's Kitchen, Niños que Quieren Sonreir, Manatee Rescue Center, Bosque Cambalache, Jane Stern Dorado Community Library, UNICEF, Bayamón Children's Hospital, Hospital del Niño, Ronald McDonald House, and many more.

Students are expected to track their activities and hours via the Community Service Verification Form and submit it to the Volunteer Service Coordinator for approval.

To learn more about TASIS Dorado’s community service efforts and requirements, please click the Volunteer Service Programs and Opportunities button below or contact Laura Ramos at

Volunteer Service Programs and Opportunities


Community Service
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