Elementary School

The TASIS Dorado Elementary School program includes students from Pre-Pre-Kindergarten through the 5th Grade. A love of children is central to the educational philosophy of all TASIS schools. Our goal is to provide all students with a sound educational foundation while fostering in each student a sense of responsibility, independence, compassion, fairness, and respect for self and others. The Elementary School uses many elements of E.D. Hirsch's Core Knowledge Curriculum which delineates the skills, content, and sequence of curriculums grade by grade.

Distance Learning Fall 2020

Distance Learning Microsites By Grade

Sample First Grade Microsite

Sample Fourth Grade Microsite 

TASIS Dorado Distance Learning Hub 



Assembly Program

Frequent assemblies with active student participation provide opportunities for our students to show their talents and knowledge, gain stage presence, develop self-esteem, perfect their enunciation and develop memorization and acting skills. These presentations occur with such frequency, beginning in PPK and continuing through Senior year, that students develop confidence and an easy ability to speak and perform in front of an audience. Assemblies typically have other classes or grades as the audience, but parents are always welcome, especially for the Visual and Performing Arts Creative Showcases and the Holiday Show.

Character Building

Core Virtues is a practical, non-sectarian approach to character education. This literature-based program has as its goal the cultivation of character through the promotion of basic moral, civic and intellectual virtues. We emphasize such "core virtues" as respect, responsibility, diligence, honesty, generosity, perseverance, courage, faithfulness, compassion, openness to inquiry and humility.

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