Middle School Uniforms

All TASIS Dorado students wear the formal school uniform to school unless it the student has PE or a field trip, or if there is a "casual day." Students are expected to be neat and presentable at all times, following the uniform rules defined in the Student Handbook. Students are not permitted to wear clothing or accessories that promote alcohol or have political slogans or inappropriate messages. The School Uniform should be worn with pride. Any defacing of the school uniform or logo is considered unacceptable behavior.

Formal Shirts

6th - 8th Graders wear a light blue or yellow button-down shirt or blouse with the school logo.

8th Graders may earn the privilege of wearing a class shirt with jeans on Fridays.

Pants and Skirts

All Girls wear navy blue slacks or skirts. Slacks must fit well and skirts must be knee-length. If the shirt is tucked in and the pants have belt loops, a plain black belt must be worn.

All Boys wear navy blue slacks with a plain black belt (the shirt must be tucked in). The pants may not be baggy, low on the hips or overly long. Cargo pants are not permitted.


PE Uniform

All secondary students wear a blue t-shirt with the school logo or a special activity t-shirt from the current academic year, long blue athletic pants with the school logo, white socks and sneakers/athletic shoes. Students wear the full P.E. uniform to school on days they have P.E. scheduled. Anyone who wishes to wear sports shorts during the actual PE class must wear them under the long sports pants. The shorts must be navy blue with a hem no higher than four inches above the knee.


Field Trip Uniform

Secondary students wear a red fieldtrip t-shirt, jeans with no rips, athletic shoes or hiking shoes when the nature of the fieldtrip (e.g. hiking trips and sports events) demands it. For cultural, musical, film, or other artistic performance field trips students wear the formal school uniform. The fieldtrip t-shirt is available in the TD Book Store.


Students may wear the approved school jacket that is available in blue or red through the Bear Essentials store. Other jackets are not permitted.


Socks must be white, black or navy blue. Shoes must be leather-topped flats in black or navy blue. Athletics shoes, boots and other shoes may not be worn with the formal uniform.

Hair must be clean and neatly combed at all times. Boys with hair over the shirt collar must pull it back or get a haircut. Girls may wear one small earring in each ear and no more than three bracelets per arm. Boys may not wear earrings and may wear no more than three bracelets per arm. No other body piercing or visible tattoos are allowed. Brightly colored nail polishes, glitter, make up and hoop or dangly earrings are not allowed. Hats, caps and sunglasses may be used only during approved activities and are not to be worn indoors.

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