Middle School students leave Elementary School behind and begin to embrace the freedoms and responsibilities of secondary school.

Students enroll in the core courses of English, Spanish or Spanish as a Second Language, Math, Social Studies, and Science. They also take Physical Education and a variety of electives, including Art, Music, Drama, and foreign languages.

Students begin to develop individual talents and interests, and advanced Math courses are available to qualified students who will likely pursue Advanced Placement classes in Upper School.

Dynamic Arts and Humanities programs ensure that our students develop an appreciation for the beauty of the world around them. In contrast, a varied Physical Education and Health program encourages students to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Meaningful special programs include Middle School Exploration Days and other thematic weeks, Space Camp, field trips, community service, and more.

TASIS Dorado's college preparatory education provides a strong academic foundation and cultural, social, psychological, and physical development of the student. Our students develop into leaders, honorable individuals, and exemplary citizens. Middle School students participate in the Student Council by electing a board of three or four students to represent the interests of the class.

Project-Based Learning

The Middle is excited to bring its curriculum to life through Project-Based Learning, an initiative to help students apply subject-pertinent skills and overall knowledge of real-world situations pertaining to relevant issues in the community. In fact, the Harvard Graduate School of Education states, "All Project-based learning challenges students to be self-directed and take ownership of their learning." Their teachers will guide students to explore and identify issues, critically analyze the context, ask pertinent questions, and develop action plans to answer them. They will then present their projects at TASIS Dorado's PBL Fair at the end of the academic year.

Thematic Events 

Thematic events are built into the curriculum offering students unique experiences throughout the year. Such opportunities include Puerto Rican Week, French/Italian Night, TASIS Creates, Semana de la Lengua, Novel Voices, Science Week, Innovation Sciences Week, Pi Day, Field Days and more.

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