Middle School

The TASIS Dorado Middle School program (Grades 6-8) is the bridge between Elementary School and High School. Students begin to develop independence as they gain academic and social maturity.

The Middle School program is designed to foster the academic, aesthetic, physical, and social growth of students within a structured and caring framework. The major goals of the academic program are to teach students to question, to encourage divergent opinions by considering alternatives to stereotyped patterns of thinking, and to encourage students to pursue independent research of thought-provoking issues, culminating in individual rational judgments. Students follow the six-day cycle (letter days A - F) that allows for a broader schedule of classes and electives. Students begin each day with a 20-minute advisory period.

Academically, students are expected to master basic skills and content, to become more inquisitive and analytical, to develop research skills, and to organize and present their learning in both verbal and written form.

Socially, students are expected to become more tolerant and understanding of others and of the larger world around them, to gain greater respect for themselves and for others, and to participate actively in the community.

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