College Counseling

Our College Counseling team guides our High School students through the college selection process by providing academic planning beginning in the 9th Grade and continuing through the application and selection process. We guide and support students and parents through the application and essay writing process, and connect them with enriching, pre-college summer programs. We strive to match students with universities that are not only selective but also best fit the individual student’s interests and talents. TASIS Dorado students gain admission to highly competitive colleges both abroad and on the island. We are a center for the ERB, PIENSE, PSAT, and AP standardized tests and offer information and coordination of the SAT, SAT II, ACT, PAA (local “College Boards”), TOEFL and Nivel Avanzado exams. We also advise students when applying for summer programs and college “fly-in” programs. We write personal recommendations for all US college applicants. College representatives from Puerto Rico and the US visit our campus throughout the first semester of each year, offering informational sessions and, in some cases, interviews. We coordinate with other schools to maximize our students’ exposure to a variety of colleges and universities. 

Graduation Requirements

A minimum of 25 credits is required for graduation, including English (4 credits), Spanish (4 credits), Mathematics (4 credits), Sciences (3 credits in lab sciences), History/Social Sciences (4 credits), Foreign Language (2 credits or proficiency), Electives (2 credits, one of which must be in the visual or performing arts) and Physical Education (2 credits). All High School Students must complete the Exploration Week Program all four years. Students may take additional credits. There is a requirement of 100 hours of community service by the end of High School. Students acquire technological competence through both our integrated technology curriculum and our BYOD program.

Transcript Request Form for Current Students (no charge)

Need transcripts? Click Here to view, print, or download the TASIS Dorado Transcript Request Form (PDF format).


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