Application Process Academic Year 2020-21

New families and students applying to TASIS Dorado for the academic year 2020-21 should follow the admission process described below, including required documents, assessment, and application fee.

Please note that TASIS Dorado has a NEW application process for 2021-22.

Guided by the mission of our family of international TASIS Schools, TASIS Dorado strives to inspire the pursuit of knowledge, love of wisdom, appreciation for beauty, and development of character. These values--coupled with artistic endeavor, physical activity, and service to others--combine to provide an unparalleled educational opportunity.

Our goal is for all students to thrive at TASIS Dorado! We seek curious, engaged children who grow up to be confident, kind young adults, and are eager to join our community and contribute their energy and talents to whatever they pursue. Our aim is to build a community that represents excellence, creativity, and diversity.

General Overview

All candidates are given careful consideration in the admission process, and any negative decisions are made regretfully but with the child's best interest and the school in mind. Reasons for either admission or non-acceptance of applicants are made upon consideration of many factors, including the results of testing, school records, recommendations, and an assessment of whether the school has the appropriate educational programs to meet the needs of the child.  

All applicants are notified in writing of the final admission decision. 

Each applicant's folder and its content are the property of TASIS Dorado and may not be copied.

PPK, Pre-K, and Kinder Overview

TASIS Dorado seeks to attract motivated students who are able to meet the expectations of a quality preschool program leading to a Pre-Kinder experience in a demanding environment. Building on the rich resources of our location in Puerto Rico and the capacity of young children to learn languages, our early childhood program is a two-way, dual immersion bilingual program. While some students have English as their first language, the majority come from homes in which Spanish is the primary language.

All students are exposed to both languages in a structured, fun, and engaging way. Fully bilingual teachers are aware of all students’ language needs and students receive full support in their acquisition of both Spanish and English.

We expect our youngest Bears to be fully toilet trained. Applicants must meet the minimum age requirement by July 31:

  • Pre-Pre-Kinder - three years old 
  • Pre-Kinder - four years
  • Kinder - five years old 

1st Grade - 11th Grade Overview

TASIS Dorado desires to attract students who are highly motivated and able to meet high standards and expectations in their academic, extracurricular, and social endeavors. Students must demonstrate that they can adapt well to and learn in an environment with English as the primary language of instruction. Applicants from 1st through 11th Grade are expected to have a working knowledge of the English language upon admission in order to ensure that they can fully benefit from the educational program.

Students whose native language is not English or who are new to English as the language of instruction will spend the school day in the regular classroom immersed in the educational program. Students whose native language is not Spanish will be enrolled in Spanish as a Second Language or regular Spanish classes based on their proficiency level. Teachers provide extra help in the transitional period.

Students needing extra support in English or Spanish will be referred to tutors for after school help. Parents are responsible for tutorial fees to help their child(ren) achieve the readiness required to contribute to and fully benefit from our curriculum and school environment.

Personalized Learning Accommodations

Our school has limited facilities for students with personalized learning requirements, but we do all that is reasonable to comply with the legal and ethical requirements to accommodate the needs of students with disabilities to which, with reasonable adjustments, the school can cater adequately.

TASIS Dorado does provide, through the principals and the guidance counselors, additional academic, behavioral, and emotional support to help students reach their potential. The school recognizes the importance of including students, parents and guardians, classroom teachers, special services staff, and administrators in a collaborative process for the delivery of special services to students with learning differences.

TASIS Dorado coordinates a range of support services for students of all grade levels, at an additional cost to the family. Areas of support offered include initial assessment, speech and language services, academic support, classroom guidance, and individual counseling. 

TASIS Dorado does not offer a full spectrum of special education programs. Admission and continuation in the School are contingent upon a match between the student’s and the family’s needs and the level of services available. Please be clear and specific about your child’s needs during the application process.

Applicants are notified promptly of the committee’s decision. Upon confirmation of acceptance, students will receive enrollment forms, school uniform specifications, and additional details.

Applications will be considered when the student file is complete with the following:

1. Completed PPK or PK-11th Grade application form (by creating a Veracross account) with a non-refundable application processing fee of $250 per student. Please note that a non-refundable enrollment fee will become payable upon acceptance of the applicant to confirm the place offered. The place is guaranteed once the payment has been made.

2. A complete official transcript of the applicant’s school record. Parents or guardians should request that an official transcript be sent directly to TASIS Dorado from each school attended in the last three years. For applicants for Kindergarten through 3rd Grade, parents or guardians may submit the originals of the applicant’s evaluations or grade report cards for all years in school. TASIS Dorado will copy these reports for the school’s files and return the originals.

3. A recent Psychometric Exam performed by a licensed psychologist who has been advised that the purpose of the exam is to aid in determining the applicant’s readiness for success in the TASIS Dorado educational program. The WPPSI-III or higher (English or Spanish) for PK and Kinder and appropriate WISC-IV (depending upon age) is required for admission to 1st through 11th Grade. Sub-scores, observations and recommendations should be included in the report, with any additional tests the psychologist may deem advisable. (Please be advised that candidates for PK must have reached their fourth birthday before the psychometric can be administered.)

4. A personal interview with the applicant and parent or guardian. Whenever possible, the applicant is invited to spend a day at TASIS Dorado to allow the youngster to learn about our school and for the school to observe and test the child in our educational setting.

5. Two letters of recommendation, from the current school’s principal and a homeroom teacher.

6. A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate.

7. A recent photograph of the applicant.

Non-discrimination Policy

TASIS Dorado does not discriminate in its admission policies for reasons of gender, religion, race or national origin.

Applying to TASIS Dorado

Please follow this link for application information.

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