January 25, 2017

Dear Parents: 

We look forward to welcoming you and your family back to TASIS Dorado for the 2017-2018 academic year. Enclosed please find the documents needed in order to re-enroll your youngster(s) for the upcoming academic year.

Student Enrollment and Agreement Forms for Academic Year 2017-2018

Tuition and Fees and Terms and Conditions of Payment for Academic Year 2017-2018

To re-enroll your child(ren), you need only to complete and sign the enclosed Re-enrollment Form and the Enrollment Agreement and return these to the Business Office accompanied by the $850.00 non-refundable enrollment fee by February 15, 2017. The late re-enrollment fee (payment after February 15) is $1,000 and the delayed re-enrollment fee (payment after April 15) will be $1,250. Those who pay their full tuition and fees by July 1, 2017 receive a 1.5% deduction for early payment.

The re-enrollment period begins this year on January 26 and ends on February 15, 2017. If you plan to re-enroll, please submit your paperwork with your payment by February 15, 2017 and we will hold a space for your child. As of February 16, we will begin admitting new students to our school. We already have a number of applicants for next year and some grade levels may fill up quickly.

By May 1, we will provide a list and the prices of the paperback books and workbooks that students from grades 6 through 12 need to buy for the upcoming academic year. As a service to our students, the school will gladly acquire enough copies of these through a preorder system and the parents can authorize the billing to their school account or with any credit card for this expense. It is the family’s choice whether or not to acquire these workbooks through the school.

We feel that by having their own workbooks and pocketbooks, our students can write, underline and take notes and use them for future use and reference. Included with tuition are all classroom materials and hardbound textbooks required for the different courses. Students who choose to use electronic books for certain courses may acquire these personal licenses at their own expense. Students are expected to take good care of all classroom materials and texts so that they can be used by other students in the future. If a student loses or damages one of these school-supplied textbooks and/or electronic books they will be made responsible for their replacement.

We thank you for your support and involvement in our school. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Timothy Howard, Headmaster

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