College Counseling

The Academic Dean and College Counselor leads a team that guides our High School students through the college selection process by providing academic planning beginning in the 9th Grade and continuing through the college application and selection process. We educate students and parents about colleges, the admissions process, trends, procedures, testing, summer programs and more, offering advice and support to families as they navigate this process. We strive to place students in colleges and universities that are not only selective but also are the best fit for the individual student's interests and talents.

We coordinate the ERB, PIENSE, PSAT and AP standardized tests in the earlier High School grades and senior year, and we offer information and help coordinating the SAT, SAT II, ACT, PEAU (local "College Boards"), TOEFL and Nivel Avanzado exams. We also advise students applying for summer programs and college "fly-in" programs.

The Counselor meets with Juniors and Seniors, in groups and individually, to talk about the process and individual college choices.  The Counselor also advises 9th and 10th Graders on curricular choices and how they related to US college admissions. We write personal recommendations for all US college applicants, which reflect information from parents and teachers, school records, personal knowledge and the students themselves. We also complete all school transcript report and mid-year report forms requested by colleges.

College representatives from Puerto Rico and the US visit our campus throughout the first semester of each year, offering information sessions and, in some cases, interviews. We coordinate with other schools to maximize our students' exposure to a variety of colleges and universities.

Transcript Request Form for Current Students (no charge)

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College Summer Programs 2017
Pre-College Summer Programs are offered by colleges around the world. For more information, please contact Ms. Lucia or Ms. Glenda.


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