Academic Profile

TASIS Dorado offers a rigorous academic program designed to challenge and motivate students to prepare them for admission to selective colleges and universities in Puerto Rico, the United States and abroad. We believe that a well-prepared graduate should be ready and eager to continue learning throughout his or her lifetime.

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A TASIS Dorado graduate should:

  • Value Education
  • Pursue knowledge as a lifelong learner
  • Lead actively and effectively
  • Demonstrate proficiency in three languages, math, social studies, science and the arts.
  • Have a love of reading
  • Use technology effectively and ethically
  • Solve problems as a critical and innovative thinker
  • Appreciate beauty and continue developing artistic expression
  • Apply knowledge creatively to new situations
  • Be goal-oriented and organized
  • Act responsibly
  • Communicate effectively
  • Share his or her talents
  • Strive for success in all of his or her endeavors
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